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Hello, I'm Nitesh kashyap.

Designer | Researcher | Strategist

I am an M.F.A Industrial Design graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a bachelor's degree in communication design. I am largely self-driven, optimistic, and like to create, explore and expand my spectrum of knowledge. My diverse exploration in design over the years has helped strike a balance between linear and non-linear thinking which has been a boon in providing insightful, new ways of solving the increasingly complex problems of the modern world, such as lack of conscious and fulfilling experience in our everyday life.

I am a strong advocate of storytelling as it pertains to improving the user experience and am interested in developing new innovative concepts, engaging products, and meaningful experiences for people. My experience in creating products and concepts comes from unarticulated human needs and user insights.

An inherent empathetic outlook, coupled with intuition has provided me with the ability to shift between top-down and bottom-up perspectives, such that I am able to fine-tune details while still maintaining a systems approach to my work. I have found that our industry is increasingly reliant on collaboration as a means to true innovation, and my experience with diverse teams spanning several countries has equipped me with the right skills to both lead, and be led.

Apart from being a passionate and diligent designer.


I'm an artist by heart. I'm a visual artist with a wide range of mediums that I work with from photography to digital art to installation art.

I'm a daydreamer who likes to write poetry and share life philosophies. A dreamer and a storyteller who likes to travel and capture his experiences and create narratives inspired by the vivid emotions felt through those experiences translating them into words and visuals that are rooted in the subconscious self.

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